Sunday, 25 September 2011


Allan Ramsay : Portrait 2011

                                            Allan Ramsay .Portrait 

Paintings can also be seen on National Portrait  Gallery    NPG 6074   and at Painting Perceptions  and  at also at

What is art ? Robert Beverley Hale on Youtube
Also view the worlds great galleries at

Sketchbook drawing from    Rembrandt `s    Self Portrait aged 63 at National Gallery ,London

 Also view the magnificent paintings of Antonio Lopez Garcia at Thyssen Museum Madrid .

 He can  also seen on Youtube  being interviewed at the Museum of Fine Art, Boston and painting in Madrid on Youtube   

Brief  CV,

                                 Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award  , Canada

Paintings can also be seen on National Portrait  Gallery  NPG 6074 and at Painting Perceptions and and at      also at

What is art ? Robert Beverley Hale on Youtube  view worlds great galleries

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