Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Allan Ramsay : Portrait 2011

                                            Allan Ramsay     .Portrait 

Paintings can also be seen on National Portrait  Gallery    NPG 6074   and at Painting Perceptions  and  at also at
What is art ? Robert Beverley Hale on Youtube
Also view the worlds great galleries at .   ...

Sketchbook drawing from    Rembrandt `s    Self Portrait aged 63 at National Gallery ,London

 Also view the magnificent paintings of Antonio Lopez Garcia at Thyssen Museum Madrid .

 He can  also seen on Youtube  being interviewed at the Museum of Fine Art, Boston and painting in Madrid on Youtube

 Why De Kooning Matters   by Jerry Saltz
 Also Jerry Saltz  on  Lucian Freud

Paintings can also be seen on National Portrait  Gallery  NPG 6074 and at Painting Perceptions and and at      also at

What is art ? Robert Beverley Hale on Youtube  view worlds great galleries

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